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MyCoazh enables you to make statistical game analyses on football, floorball and ice-hockey. It has been in development for almost a decade with the collaboration of the national teams and club coaches. MyCoazh has its basis in the data collected through analysing thousands of games. MyCoazh will indicate, with an 85 percent accuracy, why a team won, lost or drew a game. This all started from a will to give individual feedback to every player. Now you can combine statistical game analysis to a video, too.

Know your strengths and weaknesses

MyCoazh provides instant performance data of the whole team, each line and individual players. Is a player’s vision or ability to make passes enough to play as a centre forward or playmaker. What about your central defenders’ speed and toughness at 50-50 situations? Why did our team lose or win the game? With MyCoazh you will understand better the anatomy of the sport and you will get player profiles, which enables you to coach every player individually.

Get valuable information for feedback purposes

Coaching requires an understanding of each player. MyCoazh supplies solid statistical data to support that understanding. It enchances your grasp of what it takes to win games. MyCoazh provides illustrative Result pages to allow maximum feedback to players. And if you have a video of the game, you can connect that on MyCoazh and you get every single action as a video clip. No more extra work for the coach after the game. For example, 40 actions with the ball, can be looked through in 10 minutes.

Make the right choices during games and succeed

With MyCoazh the coach can rely on statistically supported analysis. Is my second line good enough? If our team continues the way we started, how will the game end? You get these estimations after 15 minutes of play. Is an individual player really hot, or in trouble? Is it time to make a tactical change or change a player?


In short

MyCoazh is a real time game analysis programme developed for iPad and iPhone. This development has been supported by Tekes, a Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovations. Tekes works with the top innovative companies and research units in Finland. MyCoazh is making game analyses at the moment for all the national teams in Finnish floorball and some national teams in Finnish football.

MyCoazh PRO functions with iPad and you can use it to give individual statistical feedback for each player. With MyCoazh Video you can get this statistical information and combine it with the game video and get all the video clips, too. You can make statistical game analyses of your own team or you can scout your opponent.

With MyCoazh Football/Floorball/Icehockey iPhone-application from App Store you can scout one player. MyCoazh PRO and Video have an inbuilt algorithm, which automatically gives scores (4-10) to each player. The average grade that emerges from these individual scores will explain why your team won, lost or drew the game in 85 cases out of 100. This algorithm has been calibrated by nearly 3000 games.

Contact information

Should you be interested do not hesitate to contact.
Game analysis guru Jussi Kauppi
+358 400 874 810 (In Finnish) (in English)
You can also find MyCoazh on Facebook (My Coazh), on Twitter (@MyCoazh) and Instagram (@MyCoazh).